by Doggo at 26-06-2019, 11:53 PM
Hello as some of you saw on the news the famous Fredrik Doggo has been deported from the city and im right now on a cruise ship looking for a new place where to settle down. The cruise ship is nice and im sitting down on the sun deck with my strawberry daquiry listening to better now. I yoined a small club where we play mini golf and might go to china and have a huge tournament. Anyways i wanted to let yall i had a good time in the city  and there are a small rumor that a big tsunami is on the way to the town and i hope you all will be ok and survive. I have no idea what to do right now might go work as a construction worker with my yackhammer. But these last 8 months has been great and met a lot of people that i will both miss and glad to never see or hear from again. During my time here with my brother Liam Doggo. We have worked trough a lot of jobs ive worked at PD where i was a high ranked sergeant, workes as a fire fighter for the great LSFD and ive even been accosiated with the infamous mafia. My brother had been a banker, mechanic, ems, cartel, and some other smaller gangs that are gone long time ago think the name was like ballas or something idk. But yea ive got my dog next to me with his tie and sun glasses next to me here and we are both thinking about our adventures in the town. But yea on the way to new adventures i guess this is Fredrik saying bork for the last time peace. Cool

Better now @honass @pilzy Wink
by TwoTimesTyler at 12-06-2019, 04:59 AM
I am doing this out-of-character to help better explain my real life goals with the character as well as his in-game goals.

Doug DeBounte Hunter's name came to me under the 'original' idea that it would be completely hilarious to have a Dog the Bounty Hunter character patrolling the streets in a overly patriotic vehicle that has seen better days, searching for would-be criminals that evaded justice by posting bail and then skipping the court date.

However, as it stands, a legal bounty hunter needs authoritative representation and approval by their bail bondsman, which does not exist on the server at the time. Having no job to act on in the city of Los Santos, he scrapes money as he can as he observes the local law enforcement and how they handle criminals and civilians alike.

He is pushing for legislation with Tom Connor, his interested lawyer aquantience, to reinstate him as the rightful bounty hunter of Los Santos. In the meantime, however, a chance encounter with Ron Swanson, Captain of BCSO, has left Doug Hunter enamoured with a different way of servicing the city,  a chance to become a deputy to Blaine County. 

Still searching for his biggest bounty yet- his own father who left when he was two and owes sixteen years of child support- Doug plans to work his way into the good graces of the law so that when the opportunity strikes hot, the city will know of Doug Hunter. Whether or not it will be for better or worse remains to be seen, but if there's one thing he knows, it's that he will do anything to never sleep in his Sandking and fish for money again.

I really just want to work on my Solid Snake voice and make dad puns. I sincerely hope that if the character pans out well he will be the guy that anyone can crack a joke with!
by Daveyboi63 at 21-05-2019, 10:10 PM
Hey everyone. my name in game is Dave Casey, and funnily enough i'm Dave in real life. new to the whole RP thing, but wanted a change from the usual GTA online.

in game - I've recently moved to the states from the UK and hoping to adapt to the city life. i'm 21 years old and am hoping to become a LEO out in the states. wasn't much going on back in the UK so decided to make the big move.

see you all around at some point.
by King at 11-05-2019, 10:41 PM
Man how can i start this, my name is Kenzo King i grew up in jamestown with my buddy Tyrone. We were troubling kids everywhere, if it is at school or after we would always plan somthing stupid, but that just me. Nowdays i go around cruinsin in my lowrider tryna pick up them ladies but i aint workin all that yet, man is it the music, is it the car, what do you want from me? nah girls method aint working so i guess go to work. at work i am a mechanic right now, gettin just enough money for my small apartment near the PD. Man but i love cars, i could sit all day screwing on my car. i am a car collecter if it is cars you know im interested. if yall wanna holla at me, go for it. i aint biting. holla at me, i usally cruise in city 1. here is my number. 1881. cya soon hopefully!
by owerloads at 27-04-2019, 05:00 PM
Hello everybody Its been like a week or two since i play In HavocRP servers and yeah you got me. The server and the people is just woow. i like it. The best part of the server is that there is compleatly no Pay 2 win. you cant just come in the first day. donate 10$ and runa rround the server with couple of mil. You really have to dig in and do the jobs, meet the people and earn the money the hard way - The correct Way. So as i Said Its been a week or two since i play Here and i feel like I need to introduce myself a bit to tghis comunity becouse noone really knows Not owerloads, not George_Summers.

First things First. Im sorry for my english grammer last time i was going in school was some time ago and i forgot soem of that shit. Anyway i hope you can forgive me.

So about Owerloads.

My name is Ugis and im currently 28 years old, well i can say 29 cuz my Birthday is in 4th of may. Originally im from Latvia but now for the last 3 years i been living in Ireland cuz of Latvias economical situation. So i live Here in Ireland and work my ass off to earn some money. The work is not mby the best one you can get but it pays the bills you know. Since teenage years i been into Computers liek deeply. I like to fix them. Hardware is my baby. i culd do that all day, Every PC that i owned is Hand build by me so i kinda love my current pc too. What do i do outside my work and HavocRP. I dont really do much cuz i dont have too much friends here in Ireland, but those vouple friends who i have from work cant drink for shit so its kinda not interesting with them. Mostly outside the box (Work / Home) I spend a lot of time driving a bycicle cuz thats a good way to move yourself a bit and you can actualy sightsee a lot in this Beautiful country.
This is my pc - [Image: 5laIzJh.jpg] This is Me - [Image: KMatZtH.jpg]

About George_Summers

George comes from a small town called Blueberry. He was born in 1990. HIs Mother Mary_Summers was a Nurse in the Local hospital and his Father Joseph_Summers was a truck driver. Georges Dad teached hime every little thing about the trucks. So nowdays George really likes to get his hands Dirty with cars and Trucks probably thats the reason for the Job at the Oil Refinerry.  George lives in the heart of the Los Santos and enjoys his life there. His dreams is to Open his own trucking company adn to become a worldvide Logistics KIng as he likes to say. George is a bit Quiet and has a bit of problem with meeting new people so at start he might be a bit quiet and shy, but once you get to know him you will understand how nice the guy is. In these days you can easy meet George in Every Social event almost only times he doesnt show up is when he had to work and he cant get off.

Thank you Guys for reading this Thread and i wish everybody a good life here in HAVOC. and for Havoc it self i wish a long lasting time where everybody can come and enjoy the time spent in the GTA roleplay.
by Vinny Delta at 21-04-2019, 09:48 AM
Any of you legends, watched Line of duty??
What do you think?
by Tyrese at 19-04-2019, 04:24 PM

My name is Tyrese Biggins and I have moved to this city from Texas. 

I thought that following the rules would mean my life would work out on its own. I never bothered anyone, always paid my dues and was nice to everybody. 
My life didn't turn out the way I wanted to be and I was constantly used and abused by everyone around me to the point of me being broke and homeless.

Now, to enact my revenge on the world, I have decided to break as many rules as I can and to be a mean MF.
by solvathuss at 07-04-2019, 08:12 AM

First of all my real name is Davy and i live in Belgium.

My character is Hugh Terrance, a man in he's middle ages that had a house wife and kids living in France. 

I was a self employed fisherman but buissnes did not went that good. Fishing became hard as global warmin occures and the fishes were migrating to colder water. 
I was starting to have money issues and i rented money from the wrong persons. I was unable to pay my debts to the gang and they first started the threath me, that changed to beatings and eventually my wife and children.

 My wife putted me on the Streets with nothing and i was fleeing away from the gang. In an ultimate resolve, i robbed some money from my wifes bank account and booked a ticket to the city. I learned a lot from my mistakes and i am looking forward for a new life in the city.
by Toney Jackson at 02-04-2019, 08:18 PM
Okay so i joined a havocrp server today and someone asked me to drag race them for fun so i did that and he had the LaFerarri worth 23mill and i was in a Dragster worth 6-7 Mill and then a other dude joined us and he was in a Vagner was 2 mill. literally a gta car and he beat us both -.-

idk if its me but irl if you put a Dragster vs Supercar you already know who is going to win 
and its kinda weird how a Gta 5 ONLINE car can beat a ROLEPLAY car Laferrari (23MILL) 

and even more weird that a dragster loses to both of em 

and no i dont drive the dragster as a daily on the streets so dont say it will be unfair because everyone will buy a dragster and still its hard to get one either 

Well i just wanted to let you know its kinda weird how fast some supercars can go 
pls fix it.

by HDdubHERO at 02-04-2019, 05:27 PM
Hey, I'm Luc Guignard and let me tell you about myself, I'm a hard working and straight up guy trying to make a new life in the city. After escaping from Indianapolis and my two roommates who convinced me to commit crimes I've decided to clean the slate and try honest work for a change. I'm 24 years old and willing to try my best for a "legal" job, my hobbies include listening to music and watching movies to make fun of them. This'll be my first time moving to the big city so I hope I can get along with everyone.

OOC: Hello everyone, I'm Bret and I'm a 23-year-old living in Indianapolis. I'm new to the GTAVRP scene but I'm hoping to spend some time and make new friends.
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