Leaving town
Hello as some of you saw on the news the famous Fredrik Doggo has been deported from the city and im right now on a cruise ship looking for a new place where to settle down. The cruise ship is nice and im sitting down on the sun deck with my strawberry daquiry listening to better now. I yoined a small club where we play mini golf and might go to china and have a huge tournament. Anyways i wanted to let yall i had a good time in the city  and there are a small rumor that a big tsunami is on the way to the town and i hope you all will be ok and survive. I have no idea what to do right now might go work as a construction worker with my yackhammer. But these last 8 months has been great and met a lot of people that i will both miss and glad to never see or hear from again. During my time here with my brother Liam Doggo. We have worked trough a lot of jobs ive worked at PD where i was a high ranked sergeant, workes as a fire fighter for the great LSFD and ive even been accosiated with the infamous mafia. My brother had been a banker, mechanic, ems, cartel, and some other smaller gangs that are gone long time ago think the name was like ballas or something idk. But yea ive got my dog next to me with his tie and sun glasses next to me here and we are both thinking about our adventures in the town. But yea on the way to new adventures i guess this is Fredrik saying bork for the last time peace. Cool

Better now @honass @pilzy Wink
We gonna miss u fredrick

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