Enzo Rodriguez, Viktor Leonov Hidden Cousin ?
Enzo Rodriguez That is my name you can call me Enzo.
Born and raised on the great Vice City, that is where my story begins.

Chapter 1:
Vice City:
First damn i miss that city, great weather, great places shame tho, was just a pool cleaner. That city was hard for us it was a expensive place to live in, it was hard.... My father had this pool cleaning business which ofc i helped and maybe would be my future job if i had not left it but i needed something different i was 18yo cleaning pools, i needed a change ASAP, my dream was to become a star a football player all the ambitions of a young guy, missing school to go play ball, it was fun felt like freedom, that lasted till i reach some age, started to know i had to change, so my friend had this cousin on liberty city, he kept talking it was a harder place but it was more cheap to live in and more chances i had there, so you know yea i decided to go,

Chapter 2: 
Liberty City:
When i arrived it was nice tall buildings, bunch of lights, it was awesome, just what i was looking for.
With my friend Juan we arrived on his cousins house. Man all those neighborhoods we see in the movies, that shit was real, it was a whole new experience for me, i was not ready for that, instead of kids wanting to be a firefighter a police officer or a damn footballer, they wanted to be criminals just like their older brothers or rappers, that was the goal for every single of them, kids with 13, 14 yo all already with bunch of tattoos, that was not right.
They were happy with that life tho, it was nice during the day, hum… but at night that was a war zone.
I had luck the leader of our gang El Diablo aka John Hagdonn, what you expecting a spanish name as well? But yea that guy showed a lot of respect towards me, just because the fact i wanted something different, i have changed my mind not to become a star in football, but to study Law and that my friend was my focus, i had luck, the place was way more cheap i only had a part-time job and i had El Diablo helping me out, but the neighborhood was not easy that is why i decided to study Law to make a difference, the only day that was safe all the time was damn Sunday’s i don't even really care about the church but it was nice to see everyone happy on that day church in the morning the whole neighborhood would fill it up that church and a huge BBQ after it was nice. But had to walk 4 more miles just to go around so i don't get into the other gang’s territory just so i could go work and study. I finished everything i had there, i could not stay i was living with drug money and a part time job, i need a good job a nice life a start over, i knew if i would stay i would end up like all of them, that could not happen i needed another change quick, just a normal job with luck represent the law and defending the ones in need.  so i kept watching this papers Come to Los Santos a new living a new opportunity to start over. That. that was what i needed right there so i took the chance, i applied to take a fly and now i'm here waiting, still living my life.

Chapter 3:
Los Santos: 

Hopefully the city citizens are having a blast i will be thinking on one day to take a quick flight.

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